Step-By-Step Approach On How To Change A Flat Tire

At some point or another in everyone's life, a flat tire will happen. It is an unexpected event that will usually happen at the worst possible time. With so many automobile road service companies, many people never learn the process involved in changing a flat tire. It is a good idea to know how in case you are on a stretch of road and you have no phone service.

Important Steps Before Changing the TIre

Pull as far off the shoulder of the road as you can. Never park in a curve or where approaching vehicles cannot see you. Search for a flat area to park. Use the parking brake. Leave the car in gear if your car has a manual transmission.

It is extremely important to turn the emergency lights on so other cars can see your car by its lights. Essential tools include the spare tire, jack, and wrench that should be in the trunk. You may want to use some gloves and a mat.

Remove the Flat

The lug nuts need to be loosened with the wrench. Begin by removing the hubcap. Loosen the lug nuts (left is loose). You might need to use extra force to remove them. Check the owner's manual as to where the jack needs to be placed on the vehicle. Jack the car up about 6 inches.

The lug nuts need to be removed to take the tire off of the car. Be sure to place all of the nuts in the same place so you don't lose them in the process of changing the tire. The tire should be pulled straight toward you to be removed from the base of the wheel.

Put the Spare Tire on the Car

Align the spare tire with the car and push it straight onto the base. Loosely put the lug nuts on to secure the tire on the wheel so that you are able to lower the car down and get the tire properly tightened. Using the jack, lower the vehicle to ground level and remove the jack.

Tighten the lug nuts by rotating from one side to the other. Be sure you have the tire as tight as possible.

Put the tools and flat tire into the trunk. Check the air in the tire with the gauge according to the amount of pressure required. It should be written on the side of the tire.

These are basic guidelines. You should be able to change the tire safely. As soon as possible, be sure to have the nuts tightened and the air pressured checked by a professional.

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